Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ironboy: Payback is a bitch.

I found out Inertia is a punk. I can't believe I fell for his stupid "big butts" crap. Ah well. Seriously though he thinks he has a chance with our resident Princess? Please!

That inbred clone talks like he doesn't have a brain in his head. What's a "grife" anyway? While me? Well I'm Vella's intellectual equal. Well not when she's acting childish. Any way it's about time for my payback to kick in.

I watch Thadeus talk to Spoiler. " Hey How do i smell?"

" Awful! What did you do? Roll around something in the back yard?" I try to stifle my laugh.

" Ah ya don't no nothin!" He drawls. " My Body spray is supposed have chicks all over me, but it must not work on moms or somethin'."

She just stares " Your an idiot ,and besides Saiyan girl isn't here, and every other girl finds you nauseating. So you don't need body spray. Please for evreyone's sake take a shower. "

" Oh yeah watch this! When I go to town I'm gonna get mobbed by the hotties!" Inertia brags. He walks outside And screams i watch him run by well until he pours the speed on.

What did I do? I replaced the body spray that supposedly attracts girls with. With Well look at Inertia's date.

I changed it with Hatchet Body Spray for girl zombies. Inertia's night is going to be interesting.

After getting Thad back I thought my night would get better, but no I see this at a local store.

Dammit! I'm alone while that ass Tony gets a hot blonde? I'm going to go stare at Black Widow


Ravager said...

Why is her head in front of his crotch? Somebody's gonna get scraped knees. Come one, Iron Lad, there's bound to be a girl in West City willing to date you.

Black Widow said...

keep it up and I am going to bend you over my knee and give you a spanking

Anthony Stark Ironboy said...

Ravager: Don't ask me what Carol is doing But from the look on Tony's face he enjoys it. And Thanks I think I'll go looking for her.

Black Widow : Sweet!

Vince Briefs said...