Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inertia: Stupid Titans

Now this is just great. After breaking up with Sun Girl who oh yeah just recently tried to get me into to some dumb Anti hero team lead by Deathstroke of all people.

No thanks I've had enough of Slade to last two lifetimes. Oh, and my ex runs around nude on the team yeah not wanting to go into that. Then I finally figure out Vella’s not going to work since there's a saiyan Prince in my time that looks like Jason Todd with spiky hair.

So I find myself a nice clone girl, well I guess technically she's not a clone, since she looks like this.

And the person she's gotten her DNA from looks like ...

Something's off on that story. Any way I actually impressed her with a date, and then this loser shows up.

Now at first thought it was Vampirella's adopted loser kid, but no it’s the Teen Titan's favorite place holder until somebody cool comes along Kid Devil. Or Red Devil, and he's ranting that I stole his girl.

Laura looks like she has no idea what he's babbling about.

“So I slam into the freak, at mach 2 " Hey maybe she just forgot about you, you're one of the most forgettable Titans after all."

He recovers from the punches, and shoots fire from his mouth, “You freak! You did something to her mind brainwashed her."

I easily dodge the flames. “Sorry I don't need to brainwash the ladies. That's more a thing for some one who looks like well... you! Well that and you have extremely bad breathe! Phew!"

I try to slam him with a hundred super speed punches but he opens some kind of portal, and jumps in. I didn't know he could do that! He appears behind me, and knocks me down. With a super strong fist to the head.

" Undo what you've done villain or you'll burn in Hades" he demands. I almost laugh at that corny line.

Laura springs on Devil boy, and claws at his chest. "Leave him alone!" great saved by a girl, that'll help my rep, oh well at least she's a superhero. While he's grasping his chest, and whining " Why? Laura Why?" I hit him with those hundred punches I wanted to sproking land before.

As he's falls out I ask Laura what was that all about? She falls into Wolverine speak as she sometimes does.

“I ain't got no clue darlin' ".

At this pint I was thinking of leaving hanging off a flagpole on by his under wear when The Teen Titans show up. Apparently from their chatter with each other Miss Martian Kid Devil get knocked out with her telepathy.

KD apparently recovers enough to babble his crazy theory that I somehow brainwashed X-23. So they trip over each other trying to capture me .Laura takes a flask out of her pocket along with a lighter, spits whatever the liquid is into the small flame, causing an a big fire ball to hit Miss Martian, well one down.

" Wonder Girl orders " take down lil' miss Wolverine too!"

I knockout Bombshell while dodging Static’s blasts I could either run or defeat most of these losers with my speed, except for the guy I was cloned from Kid Flash. we're exactly as fast well he may be a bit slower from his bun knee, but still he's fast enough to stop me from taking down another Titan.


"SINCEWHENISITACRIMETOWANTALITTLEFEAMALECOMPAIONSHIP?SHE'SWITHMEOFHEROWNFREEWILL." I putter only one thing to do now get beat up by Bart slowing me down long enough for that meat head Superboy to take me down or call in Legacy. I choose the latter.

I distracted The Titans for a until my guys go there. And I hoped beyond hope that someone other than Spoiler got the SOS she's been well dumb lately. I lost it it when Superboy grabbed on to Laura, putting her in a bear hug.

I race at the Kryptonian clone and I'm caught by his damn Tactile Telekinesis. Right before I'm punched by Wonder Girl a blast knocks down Superboy, and dodge just in time then a big green wall appears between us, and the Teen Titans.

Legacy finally shows up. And then the bickering starts between the two teams. . Wonder Girl bitching, at Vella for sleeping with Superdork, Ironlad actually making a joke. " Don't you Titans have some crisis where half your team dies to go to? Or are you all going to whine for half an hour about how tough it is too have super powers?"

Vella says something about how Wondergirl would feel how it'd be like to fight her when she's actually fighting or something.

Skaar growls “Can we stop talking, and kill them now?" I'm starting to like the big green monster. Supergirl Stands between us both “Okay let's stop with the fighting, and until we know what this is is about."

Spoiler who's all the sudden dressed in a weird Batgirl costume pipes in.

“Yes Norman Osborn is in jail, Captain America runs SHIELD, and this is a good time to be a superhero, so let’s not ruin that by fighting each other. Blah blah blah... “Okay I tuned out she was boring I see why Drake dumped her now.

Kid Devil sobbed out his little paranoid idea now. Miss Martian looks at Laura, and does her mind mumbo jumbo. “She’s not being controlled but she does seem to be missing memories..."

“Oh yes... That well I was shot in the head a while back." She shrugs before lighting up a cigarette. “Nothing important was lost."

“You don't remember our whole relation ship!' Kid Devil whines. He then rubs her face" but maybe we can get reaquainted."

She punches him in the balls. “Next time ya touch me I use these " SNIKT! Logan's either a really bad influence, or it's genetic she's going to be wearing cowboy hats next I just know it.

Maybe that's not a bad thing. Any way the Titans start to leave carrying the wounded Kid Devil off Wonder Girl just has to let off one last snide comment. “You know Cassandra, If you weren't Tim's little sister I would have put your crazy, ass down with the rest of your band of misfits."

" Um... Cassie... Someone with Uh... two personalities shouldn't be calling ... me crazy... I was drugged ... by Deathstroke... for ... my evil time... what's your excuse for your.. bitchy ... time?"

Zinged by Batgirl wow! The Titans leave, and then Spoiler says. "Hey is that the X- mansion over there? SQUUUE OH man Wolverine is probably there I'm so gonna hit on him!"

Oh great she's a fan girl , that just pisses off Laura who chases after Spoiler and is probably going to kill her I guess it's too bad Steph has already reproduced so taking her out of the gene pool is useless.

I run up Laura to and I'm slapped away man she gets angry when some woman she doesn't like look at her "dad"

Vince shouts “Ha! Rejected!" Not in the mood for his friendly ribbing right now, at the moment Bart races up to me " Hey wanna race?"

“Sigh Why not? What I had planed for today was just shot." Worst date ever.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Supergirl ; Fighting Hulk JR.

Okay so here it is we all thought Batgirl sent us to stop the rampages of the Hulk's son Skaar, instead she wants to recruit him into Legacy!? Is it too late to vote for a new Leader? I mean I'm all for redemption but this.... Then we get attacked By the “Dork" Avengers, kiddie club, with Iron Patriot, and Daken after we totally trounce them Skaar attacks both sides.

And like good little bad guys pretending to be good guys Norman and his flunkies run away well except for Daiken. Vincent beat him senseless. Perv deserved for trying to manipulate us with his pheremone powers, probably was going to try, and get us to act like those dirty movies Kon has under his bed. EEEW!

The first one of us to fight back was Inertia, That kid creeps me out he's like Kid Flash but twisted. The Speedster tosses rocks faster than sound at the hulk kid knocking him back until turns all like rocky himself.

Then the ground starts surging, and Inertia trips on it “Can’t run fast with any ground huh”? Skaar growls before slapping Thad out. Cass tries to order us all into a real strategy. Instead Iron Lad just flies into Skaar. Firing all of his blasters.

The Blasters stun Skaar long enough for Anthony to punch him into a mountain, knocking it in half. All this does it did was get Skaar mad and he leaps for Anthony way too fast for him the armored teen to react. The green Goliath snarls." My dad, and yours have fought many times, I'll win just like the Hulk did."

Anthony yells " Tony is not..." Before Skaar tears into his chest plate. That thing on his chest the Uni beam knocks Skaar away while Anthony starts frantically repairing the chest plate he sounds like he's in danger somehow.

Vincent slams into Skaar bragging about how he's the strongest member of this team. He Knocks around Skaar pretty well. He breaks that rock stuff over the gamma freak's body, bruises him up some, and fires those blasts that I never remember the names too , and he goes through all the screaming transformations.

This works pretty well for Vince... until he gets slashed with Skaar's sword. What is that thing made out of to be able to cut into a saiyan? Didn't kill him just left a huge bleeding scrape.

But this makes Cass go ballistic. She jumps on the green steroid using looking kid. And hits him without breaking her hand that kind of surprises me what's weirder is she kind of sort of hurts Skaar.

Well more like annoys him.

What's odd is she lands a few more kicks, and punches leaping out of his way until finally he catches her with the wind from one of his punches. She smashes intoa group of boulders, and instead of being splattered on them she just gets a little bruised.

Spoiler runs up to Skaar “If Batgirl can punch you so can I!" Spoiler throws the a right cross and a loud crack sound comes from her hand, the moment it hits Skaar's chin. “AAAH! It's like punching a brick wall AAAH!" Okay I’ve often wondered about Cass not eing human, I’m beginning to thin I was right with those green eyes she may be a Skrull.

I'll think about that later right now I charge in with Vella, and the two of us start smacking Skaarr she creates all kinds of constructs while I beat on The Hulk boy, He Growls At Vella " you'd be nothing without that ring."

She transforms to Supersaiyan something or other and body slams him into another mountain that crumbles around the two. She shatters the rubble fighting, and he grabs her tail. “Aw come on my dad evolved past the tail weakness, and I woulph!" At that second he pulled her by her tail, and used the half saiyan like a club on all the rocks.

I have to admit it was kind of cool seeing the little princess knocked down a peg maybe she'll get rid of some of her arrogance. Whatever I stop the beating by Clothes lining The Beast then I punch him quite a few times at super speed he catches my hand and knock him into the stratosphere Lucky for me I can fly And I'm back there in a second " After that Punch a full on blast of Heat vision won’t kill you but I doubt even you can withstand it completely."

“I was born in fire woman! It can’t kill me!"

"I wasn't trying to but let’s try the opposite shall we?" I blow my freeze breathe and trap him in a block of ice. For like a minute he breaks out but he's sluggish.

I grin “Let me tell you something, Vincent may think he’s the strongest in this group but really I am." I hit as hard as I can Knocking almost off the planet I fly after him catching thinking it's over that his lungs lost all of their oxygen in his split second space adventure , I was wrong.

He slams his hands in my ears in the outer atmosphere messing up my super hearing with a "thunder clap". It would have been worse if there was more air but it was plenty bad. we fall back on the battle field with the force of two meteorites. Leaving a crater.

“That was dumb." I comment.

“It un froze me, and it hurt you he said leaping.

“Not as much as it did you Hulky." His leap ends with my fist in his gut. The rest of the team has recovered by this time and we actually act like a team o take him down, After he gets hit by a Infinite mass Super speed uppercut from Inertia that tosses him several miles we follow and he gives up.

" Ha! We could just keep doing this I'll get madder and stronger and eventually beat you! "With my strength , and Old Power, But I've seem what I wanted to see. Osborn's group ran like cowards you stayed and fought me I'll join you."

Cass smiles. “Welcome Skaar." To which the rest of us just stare in amazement this monster should be put away in the Phantom Zone, not one of us. But as we fly home I as Vincent to fly out side the ship with me he's eaten one of those crazy beans and gave one to Spoiler that heals them up my own powers heal me pretty well.

“So what you want to date me again or something? I'm taken." he smirks.

“Don’t flatter yourself, look Vince I don't want to alarm you but Cass may not be human she was probably replaced by a Skrull she did some stuff that’s not possible for a non meta, that and she has green eyes."

The half saiyan laughs. “Her eyes were always green, and as for the stuff she did well she's been pushing past her limitation lately with some help from yours truly. She's been training me for quite some time in the martial arts she knows, and I've been returning the favor."

“Huh?" I ask

" Guys like Krillian, Yamcha, Tien, And Videl, are all human but learned to use their ki, Cass doesn't want to fly or fire blasts she thinks that's stupid, but to get stronger, and faster well she liked that idea she'll never need those Adamantuim gloves again. she'll probably need to give them to Spoiler. Good thing too we're going to need all the strength we have when Skaar flips out."

“But he's a Legacy member now." I look skeptically

He smirks " There's an old Earth saying Kara ' keep your friends close but your enemies closer' Cass know if he doesn't take to being redeemed we have a good chance to stop him, Without the Hulk killing him."

Okay I guess I get the Skaar thing don't know if it's wise though. And I bet Bruce won't like Cass amping up well at least it's not roids.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Batgirl Recruiting.

My team thinks I’m crazy. But I think it’s a good idea ... to try to um get Skaar on our side. I'd been practicing this speech I gave him, and I think I'm talking a lot better these days. The reading although... well I'm better... just not where I want to be.

The Green boy stared me up and down, and stopped at my chest symbol stared at it for a bit, then laughed. “You want me to be nut in a costume like you? Sorry I'm only on Earth to kill my father."

“Been there, well I never wanted to kill my dad... (Not Bruce my blood dad) but hurt him. Let's say you kill Hulk what then?"

Before he can answer an um plane lands, And Norman Osborn in his stupid looking Iron Patriot, armor walks out.

And along side him... are a bunch of teenaged heroes from the um... In...initiative, and Wolverine's son Daken, and some guy that wears a cape, and a skull mask.

“Legacy I'm glad you helped me find Skaar I'll take it from here."

" No ... You won't ..." I start stammering If anyone shouldn't recruit him it's Osborn, and his killers.

I can almost feel him smirking behind that armor. " I think you don't want this to escalate ,and find your little band of outsiders, and misfits in the Vault, Miss Wayne."

"If you think I'm that airheaded rich girlfriend of Vincent's you're even dumber... than the Green Goblin costume made you look." I smile under my mask; I think I'm getting good with this whole Secret ID thing.

Wolverine's son, Daiken he starts talking t us I don't hear what he's saying I start feeling... warm all over, I can see other members of the team listening to him getting liking what they hear but Vincent starts growling like that talking ape I fought in Bludhaven.

Vella's ring um warns us. “Pheromones being used filtering air."

Don't know what a "Fair a moan" is but I know it Makes Vincent go crazy and punch Daken into the nearest mountain Osborn orders his team to attack.

Some lizard girl attacks Spoiler. “Why is it always lizard people?" she yells.

Anthony takes over Osborn's armor “really you couldn't build your own armor? Well I know most of the stuff Tony puts in his because in a way I am him. Like the remote controls. Let’s see you do the Macrena Goblin Boy “Osborn danced weirdly.

I was attacked by this guy calling himself um Taskmaster.

He used moves stolen from Captain America, and others. I had a hard time fighting him and I had to try to lead the others. Vincent was having no problems with Daiken but was too um berserk beating on the mutant

Steph was fighting some lizard girl named Komodo, and not doing well Anthony was busy keeping Osborn out of the fight Supergirl was being hurt by some girl named Thor Girl That sounds silly that'd be like me calling my self "Bruce Girl".

Vella fought some boy who could make your fears come to life...hers looked to be an octopus with it's arms shaped like... Oh my… that's just gross. She had herself in a ring shield and wouldn't fight the monster.

Inertia was fighting some cloud throwing girl.

"Really you tried to strangle me with clouds?" Inertia laughs. "Weak!" He knocks her out.

I dodge a sword going my chest. “Inertia “You won now go help someone else!"

He takes all the air out of Taskmaster's lungs, stunning him long enough for me to knock him out. He then throws Komodo off of Steph. “You two look like such a great couple all rolling around like that but I had to stop lizard face." Thad grins. I mean really in battle? Couldn't you like waited to get her number first?"

Steph playing right into Thawne's hands gets all um angry. “You sick pervert! I AM NOT ..."

"Yeah yeah you’re just mad that Cass into Vince, and not you but I’m from the future, and I just don't get this denying your feelings stuff."

Steph chases after Thaddeus who can run art light speed so she has um no chance to catch him I wish he'sd stop doing things like that in a fight. ' Stanfd Still, and let me hit you!"

I roll my eyes and throw explosive Batrangs at Thor Girl they don't hurt her but they do distract her long enough for Supergirl to get the upper hand. “Spoiler! Stop trying to hit Thad and get back into the fight!" I order.

Steph jumps over to Vella “Come on get outta the shield you saiyans have all kinds of Mary Sue powers, and that ring, and you're afraid of the sushi platter? I thought you GLs didn't have fear."

“W... we have fear just able to over come it." Vella whines.

“Then you know do that! Or would you want your daddy to see what a coward his little girl is a sniveling wimpy little..."

Vella's ki power explodes “SHUT UP!" Throwing Spoiler, and fear kid for several yards.

At this moment I hear a loud laughter. "I want in on this!"

Skaar charged into the fight attacking both groups. This may not have been my bet idea.

To be continued.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Spoiler: Stop hitting me Cass

Okay for you perverts who keep writing your stories of me , and Batgirl getting it on. Well one let's not forget I'm straight, but another thing is she's constantly hitting me.

Not hitting on but punching the daylights out of me. I understand it back in the days I'd call her a retard I deserved it then, but not now.

The latest action started this morning while we were on a stakeout. Those things are like totally boring. So I started talking about relationships an I asked why she acts so cold to her man lately.

“So what did he do wrong?" I grin hoping to get some gossip.

“Nothing.” She says with an annoyed tone.

“Okay just getting tired of him?" I question.

“No." Same annoyed tone.

“Not feeling well or is he getting pudgy I knew it! All that eating saiyans do..."

“No he’s still ... cute. Just don't want to waste time must save lives."

I sigh. “Okay you're beginning to sound like Batman he drove away Wonder Woman with his craziness. "

She grunts “Whatever."

"No Whatever. I mean if you keep this up well he's a dude they think with their junk, keep this up, and some girl is gonna take him away from you."

And that's when she hit me.

And that's where I Stephanie Brown, college student, and mother did the only grown up thing to do... I told on her. And oracle was very supportive.

Okay maybe not, but then Nightwing catches up to Cass and, and pretty much says what I was trying to get across.

But does she punch out the mighty Dick Grayson? No she takes what he says to heart, and hugs him! After the advice. She mutters “I’m glad you don't hate me like Misfit said.”

“Cass you're my little sister I can never hate you, and Misfit is well not that bright, don't listen to her. "

So we get back to West City, And she drags Vincent into her room for Along time until the next day when Vincent emerges with scratches on his face that He couldn’t have gotten from Cass she’s not that strong. Well any whoo She takes us all on some kind of mission, and I swear She needs to get Vincent to wear a costume I mean what kind of superhero dresses like this?

Any way when we land the crazy ship, that Vincent got for his birthday... jeeze I wish I had alien grandparents any way this is what we saw waiting for us.

The Incredible Hulk's son Skaar , I thought she got the whole team together to fight him but she surprises me with this. " Skaar. You're like us... a legacy, and um you’re dad has done some bad things. So have you... But you're not alone... We've all done some things were not proud of. "

The green skinned monster glares at Cass. “And what do you from me leather face?"

" I want ...we want to be your friend and to join us... Join team Legacy."

WHAT? Has Cass Cain... oh wait I'm sorry it's Cassandra Wayne now completely lost her mind? She wants this monster to join us? I would say something... but I'm afraid she'll hit me again.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vella: Happy Birthday to me, and Vincent..

Today is my 18th birthday! Well it's also my twin's but oh well. My daddy keeps joking he's going to kick me out of the house but kidding aside it may not be a bad idea for me to move into an apartment in the New Legacy building because Mom doesn't like me brining boys over, and worse yet Aunt Corset wants to cut off my tail!

Vincent's going to be late for the party, because he and Inertia are off playing stupid pranks. We’ve already gotten reports of them, rolling Yamcha's front yard, and egging Wonderman.. No not throwing eggs, at this house but him. Oh, and finally they caught that Young Avenger Speed, and dunked his head in a toilet all because Thad thinks Speed is ripping him off.

I don't know about that...

Then again, he may have a point.

Any way Cass Cain popped up out of like no where. Startling me whle I was fixing my car stereo. I mean I was like looking outside one minute spliced a wire, and a second later...

“Whoa! Where did you come from?"

“Have ... Seen Vincent?" She asks glaring.

“No. Why are you mad at me?" I respond.

“You... hurt Jason." She comes out with.

“Yeah right, I was never more than a fun time for him, besides, he went berserk, and tried to kill his brothers..."

“No that was... a fake Jason..." She puts her hand on my shoulder. "He does care... And now I know why you left ... him I'm sorry for um being um...well..."

“Mean? Apology accepted." I grab her into a hug.

She squirms. “I don't... like being touched."

I laugh. “Then Vincent must be really dissapointed. "

As she blushes I feel a large ki behind me slightly weaker than say hmmm Wonder Woman. but let's see Uh-oh Cassie Sandsmark Why are there so many Cassandras?

“AWW isn't that sweet Two of whores together." Oh great she' must be off her meds ever since Kon died she's been well crazy as a loon. she joined a cult, and well has been all over the place with her behavior.

“What’s a whore?" Cass asks.

“Means you sleep with a lot of guys" I answer.

“I’ve only been with one..." Cass mutters.

Both of us look at her. " You mean you , and Conner." Wonder Girl growls.

“No, I only kissed.... Conner no... Making love...we decided to ... be friends I've only been with Vince."

Wonder Girl thinks for a second " According to Robin you don't lie, hell Kon may have slept with a skrull, okay you're off the hook little bat. But as for you monkey girl you pretended to be my friend, and tried to steal Conner from me!"

I thought with my hormones instead of my brain, I used to have a crush on Kon, but I shouldn't have acted on it you're right do what you want" I say. and i let her hit me with a punch and she does it again, and again.

I don't stop her I deserve it I made a mistake after a few more punches Someone grabs her I focus on who it is it's Kara she puts Cassie in a full nelson.

“Calm down Cassie, and I'll let you go!" Supergirl states.

“You betraying me too Kara?" Cassie spits.

“Okay no I’m not. Vella's not fighting back she's had enough!"

She Slept with Conner!" She shouts.

“And maybe you should blame Kon for half of that! He can't seem to keep his hands off other women I may be his cousin but maybe you should just break up with him for good Or at least beat him up, look what he's doing to you!" Kara let's her go.

Wonder Girl spits at me, and flies off.

" Hey Bats why didn't you help Vel?"

" She didn't want it." Cass shrugs.

That put a real damper at the party even after I washed off the blood, and ate a senzu bean to heal the wounds. Me and Vincent did get plenty of presents lot of them were gift certificate or games, but my favorites were the computers mom built for us and the space ships grandpa Vegeta got us which made Grandma Tomae really mad because she thought he was trying to outdo her gifts

Which were training robots.

After all the party guests left I found a gift for me that was small, I opened it, and it was an emerald necklace
and a note that said happy birthday Princess J.” J as in Jason. Man the Bat family is really good, at sneaking into places.

I contacted Kara, and Steph, on my new computer for a video chat, and told them about the gift.

Steph yells. “I knew he still had a thing for you!”

Supergirl was more serious “You’re not gonna get back together with him are you? He hears voices in his head.”

“I don’t know I’m so confused. I’ll have to think about it, I think I’ll have to see him.”

Supergirl tried to talk me out of it but my mind’s made up. It’ll probably end in nothing anyway since that scarlet girl is following him around now, but I guess I’ll have to be sure.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inertia: the last Black Lantern

Nekron was beaten and some guys were brought back to life because of it. Not me. I'm Thaddeus Thawne, most call me Inertia. I died a while back, and I'm now a ghost. I've been playing the conscience to my desecrated Black Lantern corpse.

That's became harder, and harder even more so after Nekron was defeated, and Vella gave it some of her power. If she had just let it die, we could save brought me back any number of ways... but no.

Well it's not her fault, you see I found one of the few people that can see me, well Vincent could when he was dying in some alternate dimension but not normally, and Wolverine , and the Hulk can but neither are much up for conversation, magic users can bit they either try to exorcise me, use me, or talk about a bunch of hippy mumbo jumbo.

But X-23 or Laura well she actually talked to me I guess because we're booth clones, and were both used as weapons by our creators. Funny once Vince had set us up on a blind date last year, and she didn't like me too much.

But now she's seems to have forgotten that. Bad thing about not having a body though... seeing things like this.

And not being able to touch her kind of sucks. I was sort of haunting by the new Legacy Building, and Laura was there talking to Vella about something, and probably drooling over Bat chick well unless she's teasing me about that... any way I decided to see if I could move stuff and was trying to spill a cup of cold soda in Iron Lad.

he was blah blah blahing with a read headed chick from his reality. ' So you're not called Tony here?"

“No the name Tony Stark has been pretty soiled by this realities version of me. " He shrugs.

“Well it looks like you've made some friends here." She grins.

" Not too sure of that I don't think they like me too much I used to date a a cyborg enemy of theirs, and have had run ins with Batgirl."

“They let you live here, and hang out with them, and Tony really a Cyborg? Gross."

At that moment a thundering sound shatters the silence, and my rotting corpse
slaps Anthony around while the girl... I think her name is Pepper grabs Spoiler's kid, and takes her to a safe room.

The rest of the team try to confront this freak, but like me when I was alive he's fast, well he is me. He takes down Spoiler and Batgirl by knocking the air out of their lungs.

Supergirl gets in on it Slowing him down with her Ice breathe, and grabbing on to him. “I’m going to end you now you zombie freak!"

" Ya ain't doin' nothin' superbabe!" he yells back... do I actually sound like that? “But givin' yer heart to me!" Truthfully is that how I talk? Ugh. He takes out a green rock from from out of his compartment on his belt.

" Ugh Krytonite! You speedy undead son of a ...!"

" Uh uh ya don't want Supes hearin' ya talk that!" He pretends to chuckle but I know this thing has few emotions, just hunger. Vince knocked it off Karla? No Kara.

It vibrated through the wall, and the rest of Legacy thought it was gone but it was building up it's speed by running around the planet building up mass the closer it got to light speed, until it came back and Punched Vince in the face with near infinite Mass.

The half saiyan flew through the ceiling and and he landed miles away from here, I've seen the kid recover pretty quick before But he's out of the fight for the time being. Vella caught my darker half in a green bubble.

“Thad stop it we'll help you!" Vel pleads.


He vibrated out of the Bubble, and was going to vibrate his hand through Vella's semi invulnerble chest Before Laura jumped in from no where, and grabbed her heart, instead of Vella's.

“I don't have many freinds bub." She gasps. " ya ain't killin' the ones I do have."

" I'll take your heart, and hers, Miss Logan Junior. " The zombie brags I don't know know why I did it, I'm not sure what I was thinking I was going to do but I slammed my hand into the zombie, and this weird thing happened.

Lightining hit us both, and I could feel it. It burned, and coursed through my being. It was then I realized I can feel, my breathing was coming hard I can breathe! The zombie was screaming "No! He's stealing my power! Help Me!"

I could feel the Speed Force connecting itself to every fiber of my self. It was painful but exhilarating at the same time. Next thing I know I'm thrown away from the Zombie, and into the heart of the Speed Force itself.

“I can barley hear my voice saying. " He took it all he sprokin' took my powers."

I wake up sopre in the grass somewhere and I hunger...for pizza. Sausage, and pepperoni with green peppers. Well I'm obviously not a zombie, and I'm not dead anymore either my body aches too much.

I open my eyes to see a blue saiyan haired furry Aaah!

“Hey pal that lightning struck here you alright?" it asks.

" Fine. " I answer. “Can you tell which direction West City is?"

The Blue thing looks confused " I've never heard of it any way I'm Sonic what's your name?"

I laugh. "Sonic huh if that's an indication of speed then compared to me your a slow poke."

He growls. “I’m the fastest thing alive!"

“Not faster than Inertia weirdo." I grin “Let’s race!" I pretend I can't keep up with him, then I pour on the speed, and smoke the Hedgehog About half a world away I vibrate to my Universe's frequency, and look around.

Looks like I'm in Gotham. I run around until I find someone I know. I did find a Robin but I don't think it's the same one I knew He cursed me out, and yelled something about how I'm not good enough for his city.

Weird he sounded like that Damian kid but older. I race around until I find Cass talking to some pudy dude who's wearing a badge, looks like a detective or something.

" Jim the baby's not yours." Cass stutters. Wait what? How long was I out?

" Oh don't tell me it's that saiyan's" he shouts. “You’re going back to him aren't you?"

" Uh hello not to break up this Soap Opera moment but what the Sprock are you too talking about?"

" Thawne!" Cass shouts.

"Reverse Flash!" The cop shouts before pulling a gun on me. " We don't need your kind of justice, in Gotham! Your saiyan buddy's either!"

He shoots I side step the flying lead, and grab Bats. I run up to the top of a building. " Okay Batgirl I'm a bit out of the loop what the Grife is wrong here! You're having Vince's kid? Reverse Flash?"

"I should have there was something wrong with you." She looks me over. " You're wearing the Inertia costume, and called me Batgirl, It's Batwoman now."

“Oh great I'm in your future." I groan. stupid Sprockng Speed Force."

“Yeah it blows doesn't it?" A deep voice from behind me laughs.

“Don’t worry Thad I'll lend you some of my speed get you back to where the zombie you is attacking."

“Okay, how do you Frakking know that?" I ask.

“I’m you genius!" He smirks taking off his mask. " I lived through it!" he touches my shoulder, and next thing I know I'm back at Legacy HQ.

And I'm face to face with myself again, but this time I'm rotting and disgusting. " Ya stole my power You Son of a ..."

“Hey I'm a son of a test tube pal and she was a saint!" I joke “Seem a bit slow there don't you? I guess I have all you speed juice huh? I have the soul it’s my speed power!"

“I’m Thaddeus Thawne! I'm Inertia!" he declares.

I look around all my teammates are read for action again, But are confused at what they're seeing. I chuckle at the zombie " You're nothing but an empty shell now now you powerless, and well there's no need for two Thads, Especially since I'm the good looking one.”

He tries to fire his ring energy at me. “Not going to work smelly Nekron's gone." I grin before vibrating my hand into his chest hey poetic justice but I don't take out the heart Instead I vibrate him until he explodes. all that's left is his black ring which I also destroy.

Vincent gets in my face “Who are you now?"

"I'm Your buddy want me to prove it? One time I had to drag you away from Trunks' ex girlfriend's house because you got your saiyan ass drunk and sang outside her window in nothing but your boxers that you loved her. Oh yeah, and you were doing some disturbing dance that looked like the Hokey Pokey. "

His face goes red, and he squeaks out "it's him." Iron Lad comes out of some room, in a new armor. "Wait'll I get my hands on Inertia!" he announces.

" Aw I didn't know you cared Stark! I'm so flattered!" I quip.

he stares at me " You were resurrected weren't you?"

“Yep" I smile.

“Oh joy." he shakes his head and walks off.

" You know Anthony I'm not too fond of men putting their hands on me... but we can call Hulkling over..."

" Bite me Inertia!" he answers.

" How did you come back speedy?" Steph asks.

"Sproked if I know the Speed Force doesn't make a lick of sense look how Bart , and Grandpa Barry came back."

We had a party Supergirl warned me about betraying her new friends, I told her they're my friends too and she seemed to be okay with me, I finally ate some pizza man I missed it.
after it was over Vella smiles at me and we go out side to talk in private.. “I like the way you talk now less weird." She laughs. “So glad you back it'a like an early birthday present."

“Oh yeah, you and Vince turn eighteen next week don’t you want me to give you an early present?" I wink.

“Thad I do like you... but as a friend. Although you are cute I'm afraid if we dated we'd break up, and hate each other. I don't want to hate you, or for you to hate me either."

I think for a second " Ever hear of friends with benefits?" I query.

“Huh? No what's that?" She gives me a wide eyed look.

“Never mind, heh I should have known there's a saiyan prince in the 31st century who's the spitting image of Jason Todd. Guess he's your great great grandson or something."

“Really?" she smiled then looked confused for a second then wandered off lost in thought. I wonder if I reavealed a little too muh about the future again? While I'm wondering that I'm grabbed roughly. By Laura?

She sniffs me, then cuts my shirt open with her claws. she gets this evil little smile. " Her loss is my gain darlin'." She grabs me by the hair, and frenches me. " Gotta lil' shock there, like static electricity. We cloned weapons gotta stick together."

“We’re not weapons." I answer. “We’re people with our own choices." She laughs.

“Call me darlin’." She bites my neck then winks at me before vanishing in the shadows. Well looks like if I play my cards right I'll get a very nice welcome back soon enough.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Slobo quit today... He said "Anita needs him." I asked if we can help " he said "naw it's a relationship thang."

That's the problem with this team... and something I am uh g-guilty of we... let our love lives take up too much time like Um Wonder Woman said. Maybe that's why Nightwing is mad at me... I'm not being serious.

Or maybe Vincent's right, and Misfit doesn't know what she's talking about... and Dick isn't mad at me. Doesn't matter I'm mad at myself. The Black Lanterns killed alot of people I ... we should have done more to save them.

I have to make Legacy better... how would Bruce have done it? Probably by being really mean and Punching Guy Gardner... who can I punch? I like Vincent’s face and hitting him would turn him on...

I want to punch Vella for how she's treating Jason... and saving Black Lantern Inertia, but Vince would be mad... Inertia's dead. Steph... too easy. Also Tim doesn't like me beating up his girlfriend. Supergirl? I'd probably end up with a broken hand. Iron Lad? he too drunk to feel it.

Hmm I have to think of something ... else. I go into the basement and drink tea to think.

Vincent wanders up to me " hey babe..."

“No." I say.

“What? I didn't even say, oh yeah body language. So what did I do to for you to give me the cold shoulder?" he grunts.

“Nothing... I have other stuff to do than to please you... our team is weaker now that Slobo has left... and I need to lead it."

He does a weight lifter pose. “I’m strong enough to carry the weight for me, and Slobo."

“You spend less... and less time training... and more trying to get me into bed..." I snort. “Soon you'll be weaker than Green Arrow."

“That’s a low blow." he grunts.

“You... want to show your dad that you should... be Prince of Saiyans...and not Trunks you have to work harder..." I'm uh interrupted when Steph jumps in wearing this silly costume.

“Bra sent a bunch of costumes over for you... but I like this one! Can I keep it? Hey maybe I can be substitute Batgirl? Or Batgirl Purple or something?"

Vince got mad I just nod " You can have it I don't want it."

I left the talk with my boy to see the new costumes most of them looked like Babs' but I kind of like this one.

It's not yellow. Vella slouches in...With a fake smile.

“I um well we went for the Dragonballs...." She stutters like me.

“And?" I question.

“Well someone got to them before me, and Laura did, and made a wish that I can't remember.

I clench my fist. “So you didn’t bring Inertia back... and his zombie is running around free because of you?"

“Look I'm sorry okay?" She tries to apologize.

“Maybe if you weren't ... chasing around Superboy's..." I start before Supergirl gets in between us don't know where she came from.

“Hey guys let's just chill out okay?" Kara asks.

“Fine... we need a training session anyway." I order Vince gives me a dirty look I know I'm going to hea aboout how how I treat his twin... So that's another annoyance.

During the training a robot knocks down Vince... I told him he should train more...maybe now he'll listen to me. he gets all mad and turns into that weird blue furred thing... he calls a Supersaiyan 5.

He goes crazy, and starts attacking us with blasts. Vella was about to transform too when I order " No! We don't need two crazy people here!"

Supergirl body slams him into the wall. “Calm down Vince before I hurt you!" She’s blasted away, and he goes into a fighting stance.

" Supergirl Back off everyone leave um ... alone here." I command.

Kara says “Look Bats I know he's your guy, and all but when he's like this he could tear you apart!"

" Leave now! .. And whatever noises you hear don't open the door!"

He growls at me. I smile. “If I didn't know better...I'd have thought you'd planned this... We both know you can't keep up that power long...and you and Supergirl or Vella fighting would destroy this building... but I think we can find a better way to use that power of yours....

The next few hours were very ... um pleasant. But Afterwards I had to get back to work... I left him sleeping in the training room. I take one last look and I am ... what's the word? Relieved that his hair went back to ...normal... Looks like he's not going bald like his dad.

Steph made some jokes.. About what was going on and I ignored the... and started looking up who's wanted... Hmmm Skaar Son of... Hulk he sounds ... like someone who needs to be stopped.

At that moment I hear a battle... in one of the upper floors... I run to the elevator.. and when I get to the floor where the sounds come form I see ...

Ya jerks didn't bring me back! I'm gonna eat each , and every one of ya!"
I glare at Vella for keeping this thing... alive.