Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ironboy: Captured again.

I fought with Sky. But I couldn't stop her. Some blonde chick attacked Black Widow. She looked familiar , but I didn't want to think about it.
I had to stop the Protector Terminator Unit from killing Sky. Good thing Vic was already knocked out and didn't see it.

I was trying to get her to escape when a green light crushes into her.

" Alright Bad robot mutant thing. It's time for you to pay for your crimes. " Great Space Cadet Vella and her little magic ring. I get in between the two.

" Sky! Get out of here now!"

Vella gives me that saiyan I'm going to rip your heart out look. " Anthony You just let her go! You had better decide which side your on boy!"

"I'm on your side Vella. But Sky did all that because of me. Besides all the people were brought back."

" Not the point, we gave her a chance and she turned out to be evil, That's all she is. All she'll ever be. "

" Your drinking the Vic Sage Kool-aid!" I accuse. " he's paranoid about everyone and and everything! "

She does that smirk thing that actually looks kinda cute on her. " It's not paranoia if they are really out to get you Anthony. "

I shake my head. " What are you doing out here?"

" I was following a filament, out here with my ring, I was thinking it was Bruce Cain."

" Talk about irredeemable. " I sneer.

" He is not!" Vella yells. " Besides he's a living breathing being. Not a cyborg that's programmed to kill."

" No he just chooses to do it. " I spit.

" Are you going to help me find him or not?"

" Sure but you and the others have to help me with Sky."

" Fool's errand." She mutters. " But okay."

Her ring leads up to Black Widow's house, and a weird confrontation , a blonde version of Black Widow, Natasha, on the ground bleeding that Vendetta woman and Bruce Cain.

Vella's ring gores crazy " Earth 3 Black Widow, Bruce Cain and unknown .. From the future of this Universe. "

Vendetta laughs at the Evil Widow. " Look little alternate universe chick I don't care what you do here, unless you want to get in the way of me and the woman that murdered me. "

Earth Three Widow Shrugs. " Do as you will. "

Vendetta grins. " You and me are gonna have so much fun Widow.I'll pay you back for every despicable thing you've done to me. A hundred fold Bitch!"

Vella yells " Whoever you are Widow wouldn't do what your accusing her of!"

Vendetta laughs. " Poor Poor Vella, you don't know the truth about lil' Natasha do you? As a kid she was sent to kill Wolverine her "uncle" And if it wasn't for his healing factor she would have succeeded. She used Hawkeye, tried to make him betray the country, then she betrayed hers. She just kept stabbing people in the back until finally she killed me and Fury you know what she said to me? Love is an illusion, survival is everything."

Bruce stares at us. " Aunt Vella, you can leave but Iron Lad. Surrender to me Or I'll tear you to shreds."

" That's Ironboy!" I tell him.

" Haven't changed that clunky name yet huh? " Bruce answers. " Whatever you call yourself. You can come with me on your feet or I can drag you either way."

I blast him with a repulsor he dodges out of the way and comes after me Vella zaps him with her ring and the two end up fighting. Armor grows around Vella's body But she can't seem to keep up with the older saiyan.

I slam into him from the back and when he turns blast him with the repulsors.

I notice something he's not anticipating my moves like he does Vella. Of course if he's Batgirl's kid he would have the same body language thing.The problem is he throws something at me from his belt and it attaches to my armor and tries to bore it's way in.

My security system burns whatever they are off. Next thing I know an Arrow splats on my armor and starts burning off." Poor Stark wannabe you're melting your melting!" Laughs Vendetta.

" Ugh! Acid Arrow! What are you? Arrowette's Future Self?"

" Wrong two more guesses Slag Lad!"

The way your laughing... " Harley Quin's daughter?" I blast at her and the girl is quick with a gymnast's grace she hops over it . " Wrong again! I'll never tell!"

Meanwhile Vella figures out what I did about Bruce. " Well nephew. You can read everything I do before I do it. But you can't read this!" a green hand Smashes Bruce from her Ring.

Next she drops a cartoon weight thing that says 1'000 tons on The evil saiyan's head. Meanwhile my armor keeps melting. I Grapple with Vendetta, and Pull off her mask. " Oh My God! Stephanie?!"

Her eyes grow cold. " Wrong, loser. "

Vella is staring like me. And Bruce laughs. Not really a laugh of humor. " You' think I'd sleep with mom's best friend? You guys are sick "

" Oh No." Vella gapes "That means your..."

" Yup. Auwnt Vewwa." Vendetta glares before Bruce blasts Vella knocking her through several houses. " Hey! Bruce your not supposed to kill her!" Vendetta shouts.

I get angry and run towards, Bruce. " You son of a bitch! You murdered her!"

My armor is melted off too. So I'm just normal, The saiyan grabs me. And throws me down on the ground. " Looks like you get to be a damsel in distress again. What are these bullet wounds?"

He pokes his finger in the wound I got shot by the Monitor. As I scream I see no emotion in his eyes.And Vella was talking about Sky being evil.

" Bruce? " Vendetta. Stares " We weren't supposed to kill Vella. "

" Ha! My aunt isn't dead. " Cain smirks. " For a saiyan a blast like that is but a love tap." He glares at me. " So you still have feelings for my aunt huh?"

" What? No!" I protest.

" Body language doesn't lie my friend. " His damned emotionless eyes bore into me." Let me give you some advice, she likes bad boys not trust fund babies in an armored suit. "

" What about Black Widow Brucie?" Vendetta purrs into his ear. "

" You can do whatever you want with her dear. As for you Junior ." He flicks his finger in my face. I black out. When I come to. I see this man.

"Hello. My name is David Cain. And you'll be the the guest of the League of Assassins. And if you try to escape, or anyone tries a rescue. Then I'll kill you. "

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